Secretary Message

I feel honoured to be Secretary of District Red Cross Society Bhiwani , we exalt every action motivated towards the cause of Humanity. Our Staff/volunteers are our “Heroes”, as it is they who work at close quarters with the people requiring help.
The Red Cross Movement started out of a compassionate thought of a man who wanted to help war torn strangers, who had nobody to look after them. Wounded and left to die, the war ravaged soldiers would have had no hope but for this great visionary Henry Dunant, (the recipient of the first Nobel Peace Prize), whose ideas of how help could reach bereft millions of people who are victims of natural and manmade disasters, guides the Red Cross movement even decades after he is no more. We celebrate his birthday as World Red Cross every year.
Red Cross is dedicated to alleviating human suffering, upholding human dignity, protecting life, and preventing emergencies and natural disasters such as flood, epidemics, and earthquakes. The fundamental principles recognized by the World Red Cross Movement are impartiality, humanity, independence, neutrality, voluntary, universality, and unity. All components of Red Cross organizations uphold and respect these principles. District Red Cross also work on blood donation camps, camps for persons with disabilities, first aid training programme, Vocational Trainings & other social activities

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