Deputy Commissoner Message

I am very happy to know that the District Red Cross Society, Bhiwani has started its website to reach out to the people of Red Cross activities. The People living thousands of miles away can know the smallest thing of the world and the bigger can also be learned through the website in the era of Digital India. Through this website people can know at their home the activities of Red Cross like blood donation camps, camps for persons with disabilities, first aid training programme, natural disaster relief activities, and the implementation of National Trust Act. 1999 schemes such as NIRAMAYA scheme and issuance of Legal Guardian Certificates etc. Blood seeker can also get the latest list of the blood donors from this website. Peoples can also ties up for welfare work through this website to the Red Cross. In my view this website will be the milestone in the future for social and welfare activities for human being. I also appeal to the people that they come forward to become member of District Red Cross Society for cause of Humanity.

With best wishes,

Rippudaman Singh Dhillon (I.A.S.)

Deputy Commissioner & President, District Red Cross Society, Bhiwani  

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